Exploring Bacolod: 5 Cafes I’d Definitely Come Back For

The City of Smiles has since become my second home when I married Michael. And each visit never failed to make me all adrenalized and fired up because apart from the fact that I enjoy family time, I am an undeniably sweet tooth creature; and what is Bacolod without sugar and everything made out of it?

Many cafes and restos are famously associated with Bacolod City; Calea, 21, Kuppa and Bob’s to name a few – while these cafes manage to secure their spot in TripAdvisor or Zomato Philippine’s list, a number of new players in the market have sprouted and we were lucky to visit some of them.

Disclaimer: I am not a food blogger nor a foodie. I attack my food like a hungry construction worker and I do not pay attention to how it plays in my mouth or in my palate, so this is not an in-depth food review. Haha! I am simply sharing my experience with these new cafes and helping promote local businesses.

Ann Co Cakes

We did not just visit the place once during our stay, but thrice! We went to their branch in Paseo Verde in Mandalagan where the place spelled C-O-Z-Y. It (kind of) has the Starbucks Coffee vibe. I ordered the same exact thing during the three visits, their best-seller frozen brazos. Being a cake lover, brazos is not something new to me and I never liked eating it until a few days ago (now I’m craving for it!). And the best thing about this place is their budget-friendly price tag.

Check out their Facebook Page here.

Price: 4/5

Customer Service: 4/5

Place: 4.5/5

Jaimies Cafe

The place is not new to us; my sister Kaye brought us to Jaimies for family dinner last year but I never really paid much attention to the details. But this visit, we decided to make the place the venue for Michael’s birthday surprise. I love how they manage to keep the place still elegantly clean after my last visit. A renovation was on-going at their al fresco area (I believe business is good, eh?) so we had to use one of their function rooms which housed about 15-20 of us. The must-try on the menu is their Lengua and Back Ribs. The staff was friendly to us and extra-friendly to my nephew who happily chewed on the chocolates they gave (thank you!). This place has been the place-to-be for my family.

Check out their Facebook Page here.

Price: 4/5

Customer Service: 3.5/5

Place: 4/5

His Brew Cafe

When we arrived at our home in Eroreco Mandalagan, we noticed the new coffee shop right across our house, so we made sure to pay it a visit the next couple of days. We met the very young 20-year-old entrepreneur (owner) of the cafe, Aldrin. The place was on soft-opening for the week but already a number of young professionals are using the place for their life group sessions. During  our chat with Aldrin, we found out that he is likewise serving and leading the music team in his church, well that explained the drum set in the cafe, which by the way, offers an open mic and live music jamming session to all who wish to share their love for music. I ordered iced white chocolate mocha which is closely at par with Cebu’s Offroads coffee but fifty percent less cheaper. If only we had a coffee place like this near our place (sigh).

Price: 4.5/5

Customer Service: 4/5

Place: 4/5

Coffee Culture Roastery

It was Pastor Glenn, who also happened to be a coffee-lover who introduced us to the place. At one look (and smell), one can already tell that they serve good coffee. I absolutely loved the place – it appeared like a coffee laboratory and you can see the different locally-produced coffee beans on display. I love how this coffee shop support local business. I ordered the mint chocolate non-coffee frappe priced at Php 125, quite competitive with Cebu small coffee shop businesses. And for a no-fuss all-black coffee lover like Mike, he absolutely gave two-thumbs up for the long black coffee he ordered. So on our way back to Cebu, he made sure to drop by and bring home some of their ready-to-drink cold brew and black magic coffee beans.

Check out their Facebook Page here.

Price: 3.5/5

Customer Service: 4.5/5

Place: 4.5/5

Papa Mitoy’s Buko Pie

Our papa is a baker by heart and I guess it’s what Mike inherited from him. We save a lot of money every time we go home for a vacation because his cooking is way better than the restaurants’ leaving us with the easiest decision when it comes to where we should eat. With a slice of pie, or cake every after meal – this is definitely what I’ll be missing and looking forward to my Bacolod vacation trips!

Mike and I have ventured into the buko pie business in Cebu because we believe in the product so much. We currently accept seasonal orders, mostly during Christmas season and we are looking forward to doing full-time food business in the near future, so keep posted and connected to our social media page.

If you crave for Cebu’s BAM Delights buko pie and you happen to be in Bacolod City, you need to contact the master baker, our Papa Mitoy, who inherited the recipe from his mom after which he passed it on to Mike. He’s our counterpart in Bacolod City. He supplies his baked goods to known food chains like Sabor Ilonggo in SM Bacolod, Sander’s, Sharyn’s Cansi House and Casa Noble.

You may contact him for your orders or business negotiations (please see the contact deatails below). He accepts orders of buko pie, brazos de mercedes, banana loaf, silvans, yema japanese cheesecake and whole lot more.

Contact Numbers:

Mitoy: 09179912090

Kaye: 09173900058

Landline No: (034) 708 0767

There’s nothing like supporting local small businesses, not only do we get to help build each other up, we likewise learn to appreciate the resources God has abundantly blessed us with! The next time you visit the City of Smiles, be sure to visit them. You can hit me an email if you wish you talk more about these worth-coming-back-for-more cafes / coffee shops.

Have a great summer!


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