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Why Friends Never Turn to Christians (Like You) for Advice


Have you ever been hurt or offended and wanted to run to a friend for consolation and even some grumbling about this person who disgruntled you? Who made it to your top three to-go-to people list?

I’ve been in this situation for countless times and just about every time, I find myself looking for “non christian” friends I can blab to. So “unchristian” of me, is it not? But just what my best friend told me a few days ago – so much of these labels. On a side note: it’s a good thing my best friend and I have known each other way back before we became super christians, (oops there goes that label again!) so that makes her one of my to-go-to people, always. So I took some time to reflect on the reasons why I find it rather comforting to reach out to my non-christian friends and why these same friends seldom come to me for advice or talk.

Here’s a passage from the Scripture John 11:32-35:

When Jesus receives the news that his dear friend Lazarus has died, “When Mary reached the place where Jesus was and saw him, she fell at his feet and said, ‘Lord, if you had been here, my brother [Lazarus] would not have died.’ When Jesus saw her weeping, and the Jews who had come along with her also weeping, he was deeply moved in spirit and troubled. ‘Where have you laid him?’ he asked. ‘Come and see, Lord,’ they replied. Jesus wept.”

Jesus wept — the shortest verse in the bible with the biggest, most literal emotional picture of Jesus. Have you opened up your heart to a friend and have this friend end up crying with you? We all could use that kind of friend / friends : those who would truly feel and relate to your experience and just stop telling you scripted “christian” replies like “I’ll pray for you” or worse, quote you a scripture!

If we are to be truly Christians, I believe what we need to do is follow Jesus’ example. We need to acknowledge the emotional state of the friends who come to us for comfort and invest emotion in them as well. This is not the time to quote scriptures and ask them “what would Jesus do?” or give them remarks like, “it’s OK, it’s all about God after all” – if you do not stop being ‘too Christian’ around your friends, you will most likely never have them reach out to you.

Just a few days ago, I got offended by a tactless remark made by a fellow christian in church, and just how I would normally deal with such offenses, I counted to ten, told Mike about it (he was also offended by the remark) and told some of my accountability friends about it just so they could reprimand me if my reactions go overboard – they didn’t. Some friends had a very christian approach on it while some totally shared my emotion and even got hurt for me too – guess who I ended up sharing more of what I felt to?

Reflection: How do I usually respond to friends who come to me for comfort about current issues they’re facing? Is my being “too christian” getting in the way of making deep connection and relationship with my friends, thus, hindering me from actually winning them for the Lord? After my friend/s and I share a moment of consolation with each other, do I find them calling me back when they face another issue?

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5 Things You Can Do To Keep You Organized

All of us look forward to a smooth day with tasks at hand ready to be flawlessly executed but our expectation of an easy-breezy-kind-of-day crumbles when something disrupts our momentum – another immediate errand that needs our attention or something that we’ve missed out on our list. And while these kinds of inevitabilities surprise us once in a while, it’s not impossible for us to minimize their surprise visits.

I can’t even bring to remembrance how many times I’ve shared my thoughts about getting organized. Now I am beginning to accept that I am not anally fixated (according to Freud and what I was made to believe) since I can’t seem to banish my fixation on keeping things organized. I am, however, comforted by the fact that there is quite a number of people who are like me (i see raised hands!).

The past two months — all this time when I have not posted any entry on my blog (shame on me!), was all about organization. Mike and I literally had our plates full: pies and to-do’s. So what better way to get things done than to revisit organization articles and tips. I’ve narrowed them down to what proved useful to me.

Here are 5 things you can do to keep you organized:

Write things down.


Now this is a little biased. I am a pen-and-a-notebook type of person so this is a bit expected. But really, remember how we used to take down every single word that came out of the lecturer’s mouth back in College? That was helpful, was it not? There is a reason why organized people write things down – when you put your reminders and to-do’s on paper, there is a little to zero probability that you’ll miss it. Also, when you see your list half accomplished, you’ll have a sense of productivity.

Set digital reminders.


This is helpful for people who have multiple things on their plate – office, home, ministry stuff. After all, we’re in digital age so we might as well use our gadgets to its fullest potential – reminder alarms!

Mike and I am practicing (still a work in progress though) to schedule everything, even our devotional time together. So when the clock hits 9:00 PM, his phone alarm goes off with “Devotional Time” reminder along side our home iPod dock that’s also set to play this Christian album at 9:00 PM for the devotional. No escape, ey? It took us a while to get used to it but it’s really been helpful.

Make schedules (and set deadlines).


When I talked about writing things down earlier, that was only the other side of the coin. When you write things down, do not forget to set a time frame or a deadline for that specific task. E.g. research about business management — 1:30PM to 2:00PM and don’t forget to tick it off once carried out.

Making schedules without deadlines is planning a trip to a destination you have no idea about. Setting deadlines improves your productivity level, it becomes the push for you to act. Why do you think all projects are set with deadlines?

Practice the habit of discarding / decluttering.


I worked at a University as a college teacher / clinical instructor for five years and I have always believed in the power of decluttering. Every time test or activity papers piled up on my desk, I found it difficult to navigate my way around my work station, I always ended up losing something in the middle of my paper work – a pen, a clip, even my focus.

For us to have a clear objective on what we want accomplished, we need to have a clear and decluttered mind, which also begins with a tidy work station. This is the most effective way for me to be organized.

Start checking your area and sort them into: need, donate, throw categories. You’ll be surprised how much productive you can be with an organized and decluttered work area.

Stop procrastinating.


This is the number one reason why things never get done. While it’s good to always look forward to tomorrow or later, that is not the case when wanting to accomplish tasks. Remember: we set deadlines; and once we do, we can never afford to waste time.


“Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today.”  ~ Benjamin Franklin

Hands down to people to don’t have this Mañana virus; Mike and I are still encountering it once in a while. Do not be discouraged if you still find yourself procrastinating, there’s always a room for improvement for all of us.

So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.

~Psalm 90:12

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When Friends Become Unfriendly: Why You Want Your Friendship Rooted in Discipleship


The first part of the title may sound a tad familiar just because I’ve written an article with the same title seven years ago. And with the years that had passed by, I’m finding myself in the same circumstance where I see friendships thrive and go limp altogether. Could this be a typical case scenario of what they say: “life happens” and “people come and go”, hmmm perhaps?

Call friendship mishaps inevitable as you would but there’s one thing that is very common among these unfriendly friends phenomena: these friendships were not rooted in discipleship.

Jesus was friends with his disciples and they surely had their share of ups and downs, still Judas betrayed him and Peter denied him three times! Sure there were awkward are-you-still-my-friend moments but we knew how everything turned out for everyone – Jesus had chosen to forgive them. Jesus always had the end-goal in mind: to make disciples and make sure that these friendships created through discipleship remain rooted in it.

I can only pin on two reasons why friendships turn sour: it’s either one has lost track of what discipleship really is OR the principle why we do discipleship was never understood to begin with.

You see, much like our Christian walk, friendships are not guaranteed to be storm-free but rather, storm-proof; that is, if it’s well-founded in discipleship. Discipleship necessitates a huge amount of accountability but sadly, the world’s definition of friendship has taken this out of the equation. According to everything we see, read and hear today, friendship demands being there for each other no matter what – through ups and downs, through thick and thin. And these words, coming from friends are so comforting to hear but are these taken out of God’s context or the world’s?

The bible has provided us with so many guidelines on friendships:

Better is open rebuke than a hidden love. Proverbs 27:5

The righteous choose their friends carefully, but the way of the wicked leads them astray. Proverbs 12:26

One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. Proverbs 18:24

Friendships founded in discipleship involve a ton of accountability, hence, you can never expect your friends to agree with you or to understand where you’re coming from all the time; there will be circumstances when your accountability towards each other is put to use – the keys would be, agreeing to disagree, forgiving and moving on… and if you can’t, oops, time for a heart check!

When we lose track of discipleship, we lose the real meaning of friendship. We simply put it in box and adorn it with so many unnecessary bling without using its godly design and full potential: to bring more people to the knowledge of the ultimate example of what it is to be a friend, that’s Jesus.

Our friendships are allowed by God to bring people to Him, let’s not allow them to distract and redirect people to how the world defines “friendship”.

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Different Voices, One Song of Praise


Our church, with the collaboration of Every Nation music director, Justin Gray (I’m not sure if this is how I should address him…Hi sir!) had organized a three-day Worship Writers Workshop last May 17-19. The event was graced by two of the most talented and humble worship mentors I’ve known – Lee Simon Brown and Pastor Joel Barrios. Musicians and songwriters from Victory Churches in Visayas and Mindanao gathered in Victory Cebu Mandaue to further explore their God-given musical gifts, particularly in song writing.

You know how (worship) songs play a salient role not only to Christians but the entire populace in general;  one objective of the workshop was to grasp and digest the skill of songwriting that  will eventually result to more relevant and impactful songs. Songs that would translate the listeners’ experience to a worship experience, that I-encountered-the-Lord-with-this-song kinda episode.

And no, I am not writing an article about the technicalities of song writing; I simply want to share some of my light bulb moments during this amazing (this is an understatement) three-day event.

So I met new faces that turned into new friends. I learned concepts that turned into interests. And truths that remained that, truths.

The reason for the influence.

Mike and I volunteered with the other Victory Cebu music team members. For three days we led the worship. And I must admit, it was a jittery experience (at least at the beginning). The thought of singing in front of all these talented musicians and worshippers alike never crossed my (our) mind. But why were we even there?

Have you ever asked yourself: Why am I given opportunities I have not even imagined I would do?

God has put us in the position of influence for the same strategy He’s always had – to put the spotlight onto Himself; to point all the glory to Himself.

Lee Brown leads worship excellently. We would joke about him being first in line when God was distributing anointing. But every time he leads people in worship, when I listen to his songs, how he maneuvers through every musical note, I am drawn to the heart of worship, not to his flawless singing voice. I experience God through his songs, I am able to worship through his songs – this is exactly the kind of influence I am talking about.

So while we are given the privilege to be in front, to worship God and sing songs to Him; the  only reason for that influence has always been the same: to bring people TO God, not to the singing, not the music but to Jesus alone – the consumer of our worship.

“I will declare your name to my brothers and sisters; in the assembly I will sing your praises.” Hebrews 2:12

We are a family.

Do you ever find yourself caught in a situation where you can’t seem to agree with another person? When you know in your bones that you are right no matter how much contesting the other person is doing? Then poof! OK, you now get it: you have diverse family background and upbringing, no wonder he never gets your point.

The privileges of belonging to a family include having the same values and the same vision. And the workshop made me see that I am part of the family. It goes beyond the get together at the end of the day, it’s so much more than the photos with similar hashtags. I can tell how everyone has found their place in the family; I can tell through the songs they’ve written that stayed glued to our DNA : to honor God and Make Disciples.

And because we share the same values and vision, we are able to empower each other and work together, which was also one of the highlights of the workshop – collaboration.

On top of everything else, the beauty of this family is how it always has room for more people! And we’re always on the lookout for squeezing in more people to this family and we’d love for you to be part of our family. 🙂

So we, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another.  Romans 12:5

We speak the same language.

“Siyayizwa inhliziyo, inhliziyo yakho” – this is the bridge of one of the songs in the Every Nation Doxology Album, entitled The Beat. It’s written in Zulu language and is translated by Google as “shielded from the heart, your heart”. This YouTube video also tells of the story behind the song which likewise explains the meaning of the phrase written in Zulu language as  “we hear your heart, we share your heart”.

Different provinces were represented during the workshop and different dialects were spoken: Ilonggo, Cebuano, Tagalog and many others and they were all beautiful. But when we praised and worshipped the Lord, we sang the same song, we hummed the same tune, we spoke the same language, we glorified the same God!

No matter how diverse our culture are from each other, we would always speak the same language. Whether you are from Africa or Australia, when we encounter God in our lives, He always gives us the same song of praise – one that glorifies Him alone. We will always speak the heart of God – His heart for the lost, for the people. Discipleship.



Exploring Bacolod: 5 Cafes I’d Definitely Come Back For

The City of Smiles has since become my second home when I married Michael. And each visit never failed to make me all adrenalized and fired up because apart from the fact that I enjoy family time, I am an undeniably sweet tooth creature; and what is Bacolod without sugar and everything made out of it?

Many cafes and restos are famously associated with Bacolod City; Calea, 21, Kuppa and Bob’s to name a few – while these cafes manage to secure their spot in TripAdvisor or Zomato Philippine’s list, a number of new players in the market have sprouted and we were lucky to visit some of them.

Disclaimer: I am not a food blogger nor a foodie. I attack my food like a hungry construction worker and I do not pay attention to how it plays in my mouth or in my palate, so this is not an in-depth food review. Haha! I am simply sharing my experience with these new cafes and helping promote local businesses.

Ann Co Cakes

We did not just visit the place once during our stay, but thrice! We went to their branch in Paseo Verde in Mandalagan where the place spelled C-O-Z-Y. It (kind of) has the Starbucks Coffee vibe. I ordered the same exact thing during the three visits, their best-seller frozen brazos. Being a cake lover, brazos is not something new to me and I never liked eating it until a few days ago (now I’m craving for it!). And the best thing about this place is their budget-friendly price tag.

Check out their Facebook Page here.

Price: 4/5

Customer Service: 4/5

Place: 4.5/5

Jaimies Cafe

The place is not new to us; my sister Kaye brought us to Jaimies for family dinner last year but I never really paid much attention to the details. But this visit, we decided to make the place the venue for Michael’s birthday surprise. I love how they manage to keep the place still elegantly clean after my last visit. A renovation was on-going at their al fresco area (I believe business is good, eh?) so we had to use one of their function rooms which housed about 15-20 of us. The must-try on the menu is their Lengua and Back Ribs. The staff was friendly to us and extra-friendly to my nephew who happily chewed on the chocolates they gave (thank you!). This place has been the place-to-be for my family.

Check out their Facebook Page here.

Price: 4/5

Customer Service: 3.5/5

Place: 4/5

His Brew Cafe

When we arrived at our home in Eroreco Mandalagan, we noticed the new coffee shop right across our house, so we made sure to pay it a visit the next couple of days. We met the very young 20-year-old entrepreneur (owner) of the cafe, Aldrin. The place was on soft-opening for the week but already a number of young professionals are using the place for their life group sessions. During  our chat with Aldrin, we found out that he is likewise serving and leading the music team in his church, well that explained the drum set in the cafe, which by the way, offers an open mic and live music jamming session to all who wish to share their love for music. I ordered iced white chocolate mocha which is closely at par with Cebu’s Offroads coffee but fifty percent less cheaper. If only we had a coffee place like this near our place (sigh).

Price: 4.5/5

Customer Service: 4/5

Place: 4/5

Coffee Culture Roastery

It was Pastor Glenn, who also happened to be a coffee-lover who introduced us to the place. At one look (and smell), one can already tell that they serve good coffee. I absolutely loved the place – it appeared like a coffee laboratory and you can see the different locally-produced coffee beans on display. I love how this coffee shop support local business. I ordered the mint chocolate non-coffee frappe priced at Php 125, quite competitive with Cebu small coffee shop businesses. And for a no-fuss all-black coffee lover like Mike, he absolutely gave two-thumbs up for the long black coffee he ordered. So on our way back to Cebu, he made sure to drop by and bring home some of their ready-to-drink cold brew and black magic coffee beans.

Check out their Facebook Page here.

Price: 3.5/5

Customer Service: 4.5/5

Place: 4.5/5

Papa Mitoy’s Buko Pie

Our papa is a baker by heart and I guess it’s what Mike inherited from him. We save a lot of money every time we go home for a vacation because his cooking is way better than the restaurants’ leaving us with the easiest decision when it comes to where we should eat. With a slice of pie, or cake every after meal – this is definitely what I’ll be missing and looking forward to my Bacolod vacation trips!

Mike and I have ventured into the buko pie business in Cebu because we believe in the product so much. We currently accept seasonal orders, mostly during Christmas season and we are looking forward to doing full-time food business in the near future, so keep posted and connected to our social media page.

If you crave for Cebu’s BAM Delights buko pie and you happen to be in Bacolod City, you need to contact the master baker, our Papa Mitoy, who inherited the recipe from his mom after which he passed it on to Mike. He’s our counterpart in Bacolod City. He supplies his baked goods to known food chains like Sabor Ilonggo in SM Bacolod, Sander’s, Sharyn’s Cansi House and Casa Noble.

You may contact him for your orders or business negotiations (please see the contact deatails below). He accepts orders of buko pie, brazos de mercedes, banana loaf, silvans, yema japanese cheesecake and whole lot more.

Contact Numbers:

Mitoy: 09179912090

Kaye: 09173900058

Landline No: (034) 708 0767

There’s nothing like supporting local small businesses, not only do we get to help build each other up, we likewise learn to appreciate the resources God has abundantly blessed us with! The next time you visit the City of Smiles, be sure to visit them. You can hit me an email if you wish you talk more about these worth-coming-back-for-more cafes / coffee shops.

Have a great summer!

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Habits That Might Just Make You Rich


Coffeeshops – one of my comfort places. It is the one place where I actually get to relax and activate the neurochemicals in my brain (the caffeine, perhaps?). It’s also the place where I get to observe different people from different walks of life – business people conducting meetings, millennials spending their month-end salary like there’s no tomorrow, couples making time, mommies running after their toddlers – you name it and you’ll find them there.

One afternoon, while I was tinkering with my blog’s theme, I noticed a lady, about my age ordering her latte. I observed her from head to toe (discreetly of course), her OOTD and the brand she was wearing, her movement and mannerisms. She had the perfect not-so-made-up look, not too loud pieces of jewelry; I see class written all over her, even in the way she talked. I could tell, she was rich. Very rich.

Then I was confronted by a gazillion questions: was she born rich? Did she have that much luck in her chosen career? Did she actually do what God ask of her? What was the secret recipe for her success? I wanted to be just like her!

And so being me, I googled “tips on how to be successful” and I had a couple of good reads.

And while these ideas may already ring a bell, they still serve as powerful reminders to us, to me personally. There is nothing wrong with desiring to become rich; I believe it’s a God-given desire and being rich could also be a good avenue for blessing other people. Yes, I am talking about money-rich; overflowing bank account type of ‘rich’.

Have your own definition of ‘Rich’.

The problem with most people is their inability to set realistic goals. When asked what they want to achieve, they simply retort with “to be successful in my endeavor”. What does that even mean? What quantifies and qualifies your idea success?

What we need to realize is the need to be more objective about this. Set a specific target amount that will allow you to categorize yourself as “rich”. Is it having your first million in your bank account? Is it acquiring properties such as houses and lots and cars? Is it country-hopping? What is your definition of ‘rich’? Unless you set this yourself, you will never achieve your rich status.

Spend within your limits.

Yes yes yes, you have heard this countless times. But how come most people fail to practice this quite simple four-word statement?

I am a housewife; I technically do not earn any money. Thank God for my husband who gives me allowance for make-up, clothes and of course, coffee (big smile). And as much as I want to buy a new pair of shoes every time Aldo displays their newest collection, I can’t, unless I save up weeks worth of my allowance.

It’s good to want things, it challenges you to work harder to get what you want. But if your budget does not permit you to do so (yet), you might want to keep your eyes away from those things.

But it seems like colonial mentality has creeped its way to our country. What Kylie Jenner wears, every girl needs to get. You can’t even tell who’s actually rich and who’s playing rich because everybody appears rich these days – especially on social media.  Some even resort to buying fake stuff just to get hold of the unaffordable authentic goods. There’s nothing wrong with wearing non-branded clothes or using non-branded things; if it’s beyond your spending limit, do not push it.

Crash out window shopping from your past time activities.

Unless you have the intention of actually purchasing, do not go inside that boutique, it’s a trap! Visiting your favorite boutiques without the intention of buying will most likely result to unnecessary purchases; and worse, because you do not have the actual money to spend, you might just end up using your credit card or using the intended budget for much more important bills.

Ring a bell?

Quit browsing online shops, online catalogues and the like.

Just when you thought this is a harmless habit, you are WRONG. Browsing online shops actually feeds your desire to splurge on things you do not need. Just because that cute leather bag looks really posh on your favorite celeb does not mean you need it (or can afford it).

I used to have this bad habit. I check out online catalogues and begin asking around if the item is available in the nearby mall or boutique, even sending inquiry online. This is no way you’ll be a peso richer.

Save and Invest.

I used to think that saving and investing are only for people who have money until my husband joined the insurance industry and made me understand the value of saving and investing. You see, for as long as there is liquid money that’s coming in, you can always get a jar to set some aside.

It is never an excuse that you do not have the ‘extra’ money to set aside for you to start saving; remember, the longer you wait to start saving, the longer the way to go to becoming rich. Setting aside a portion of your income is always a question of prioritization. You can start small and be consistent. Be smart about where you place and what you do with your money.

Have a heart of gratitude.

Most importantly, have a heart of gratitude. Whenever I get tempted to complain about how little money I have, or why I can’t seem to get I what I want in a snap, I make a mental list of my ‘things to be thankful for’. When you fill your heart and mind with things you are grateful for – good health, intact family, waking up, the worldly things you desire become much less valuable.

We are so determined to attain the goals we have set for ourselves and our loved ones, but the question remains the same every time, ‘when will we start?’ Becoming rich is no magic trick, it has to start some where – yes, even in the smallest of disciplines.

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Summer Picks For Housewifeys (Without Hurting Your Grocery Budget)


It may have rained really hard this morning but the heat that followed the downpour undeniably screamed: “summer is here!”.

And I don’t know with you but summer for me is two things: OOTDS and family time! Both require shelling out a couple of pesos, agree? But hey, spending for the summer does not necessarily mean draining your entire summer budget, you can still set aside a few bucks for the rainy days.

Ladies, let’s begin with getting that summer-ready look. Wifeys, I hope you’re with me in this. Special mention to all the housewifeys; we may be swamped with unending to-do lists and other checklists for the house, but these shouldn’t be excuses on why we won’t even try to look beautiful for our hubby this summer.

Budget-friendly purchases are not about the cheap cost you pay for a certain product, real budget-friendly finds have something to do with the quality of the products in relation to the amount you paid to acquire them.

Here are some summer picks that I consider pocket-friendly (click on the images for more details).


While summer becomes the best excuse for dry hair, it should’t be the case for our skin – and you wouldn’t want the look of that either. Growing up, I have somehow kept in mind that the secret to youthful and beautiful skin is hydrating and moisturizing. My moisturizer picks are:

VMV Hydra Balance Smart Moisturizer for combination skin because I have neither oily nor dry. skin. They come with two other variants for dry skin and for oily skin – take your pick. I use this moisturizer during the day because it disappears like magic right after I put it on my face – no icky, yucky, slimy after-feel.

After all the pollution we expose our skin to during the day, we need to replenish the lost moisture at night, so I use a richer, creamier moisturizer. My pick is Kanebo Freshel’s Moisture Gel. You will be amazed at how moisturizing this product is the next morning you wake up to a supple, soft skin. My mom loves this too!

Base Creams

After moisturizing, I put on Freshel’s CC Cream with SPF 32 PA ++  by Kanebo. CC stands for Color Correcting – it minimizes dullness and even outs your skin tone. I love this product! I now have an unbreakable love for Japanese products (hello Muji, Uniqlo and Kanebo).

For a fresher look, you can simply set it with your favorite loose powder or compact powder (I also use Kate by Kanebo Face Powder) using a face brush. If I needed a long-lasting base for the day, I put on Happy Skin Face the World Air Serum , a weightless foundation that goes undetected on your skin (I’ll let you in on a secret, I don’t think I can ever live without this! Yes, I’m exaggerating).

Remember, our goal for this summer is fresh look, not too made up.

Lip Colors

I used to collect MAC lipsticks and my collection grew to about 50 shades. And I wouldn’t stay true to the title of this write-up if I talk about my MAC lipstick collection. Plus, being married and with quite a handful of new (financial) responsibilities, I don’t think I can still convince myself to purchase expensive cosmetics that only collect dust on my make up table. So yeah, some of them I sold, some of them I gave away. And now, I’ve moved on. Wiser purchases this time. Haha!

Speaking of wiser splurges (is there such a thing?), I have now come to love multi-functional products such as Happy Skin’s Lip and Cheek Mousse. A two-in-one product that can be used as a lip color and a cheek stain (blush).

I am now a fan of Happy Skin Lip Colors because they’re Php300-Php400 cheaper than what I used to spend on a lipstick, also, their shades suit Filipino skin so well.

Got this from SM Grocery for Php 549, I’ve been using this for months!



As much as possible, I do away from using perfumes for the summer. Aside from the fact that I have always been an Eau De Toilette lover, I just feel fresher every time I spritz on cologne. I use Nenuco Agua de Colonia, the scent brings childhood memories back, who’s with me?


If you haven’t stumbled upon the latest trend for Summer 2017, White OOTDs are in! So I gave it a shot during my birthday weekend and wore white button-down outfits for three straight days – yay ‘coz I pulled it off! Now, I find myself checking out white outfits whenever I’m in the mall.

Here’s a tip: To save on some PHP, you might want to invest on classic pieces. Summer may be about bright sleeveless tops and short shorts, I say bend the rules to your advantage. I make it a point to purchase  pieces that i can reuse whenever and wherever I want to and not just during summer.

For me, comfort comes first before style. So you’ll probably see me in my usual OOTD styles. Shrug the pressure of following others’ styles or what’s in according to the fashion police. It’s still best when you stay true to your own style.

Most importantly, we ladies, married or single, need to remind ourselves of why we strive to look good, beautiful and appealing. Do we do this to compete with other women? To get into “what’s in” according to the standards of the world? Or do we do it to glorify God? To look beautiful only in the eyes of our spouse?

Likewise also that women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly attire, but with what is proper for women who profess godliness—with good works.”

1 Timothy 2:9-10 ESV

Have a sizzling summer!!! 🙂